Equipment Leasing

When you lease our equipment you will be guaranteed that we will be taking care of it.  All equipment will be aesthetically pleasing and installed to strict safety standards.  We respect your property and take that into consideration during every visit.

  • We will be your exclusive propane provider.
  • We will handle all your tank maintenance by our trained professionals.
  • We will perform a propane system inspection at the time of the initial installation.
  • All communication, including price change notices and safety information, will be delivered via email.

Because we value safety, our trained Company representatives are instructed to always guard personal safety for our customers and our employees.  Beginning at the time of the initial equipment installation and continuing throughout the term of this agreement if any Company representative determines that the propane gas service system is unsafe for any reason, the Company reserves the right to refuse propane gas service permanently, if no reasonable resolution is possible for a safe repair, or temporarily until repair is complete and equipment is restored to proper working condition.